Finding passion/meaning in Life

How does one get moving again when one has lost momentum in life? When the ho-hum of the day/week/weekend turns into greyness? When the trivialities of every day life take over, and chaotic moments interfere with an ability to stay focused?

What happens when a person knows she/he is blocked creatively; yet, nothing moves that person enough to shift the mood or state of being?

Responses appreciated!!


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    ix625 said,

    Try offering solutions in your next post. It’s as Richard Bach wrote in Illusions, “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

    Odd as it sounds, it seems to work if one’s heart is in the quest. I admit it all the time over in my classroom blog.

  2. 3

    Hey there, DD! I am sitting here waiting for a taxi… 🙂 Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice, there doesn’t seem to be a haiku tag on this here blog? And a little bird told me that you might have written one or two, here and there.

    Just wondering. It doesn’t necessarily fit with women’s health, I guess, though. But it doesn’t not fit with it.

    • 4

      dynamicdeux said,

      You are right…but I love Haiku and poetry in general…
      I could create a tag perhaps….am out of town right now and ‘disconnected’ so it may have to wait until I am back on familiar territory and reconnected! 🙂

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