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Reading other people’s recent blogs has brought to mind the need to discuss the necessity of human connection, as well as, the need for all human beings to have some kind of spirituality, whatever that may look like for the individual.

First, when I speak of human connection I speak of social support – the formal term for having people in one’s life that are there (emotionally, physically or instrumentally, psychologically/mentally, spiritually and often  economically) when one needs them to be.  Social support is a foundation for social well-being in the individual, community and society as a whole. Without social support we live as isolated human beings, alienated – alienation being a state whereby one disconnects from all of the above, as well as self – from our own conscious healthy human growth. This alienation leads frequently to illness in many forms: addictions (all kinds), mental illness, suicide, and dysfunction across micro, mezzo, and macro levels of society. One might argue that society as it is today creates conditions that alienate people as individuals and communities. The condition of alienation has the tendency to squash any spirituality that an individual may strive for, thus eliminating any potential for true spirituality in wider themes for communities.

Question: What can we do as individuals to ameliorate the conditions that alienation creates in today’s world?


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    fantasha said,

    We can decide to make the effort to connect to others. Call our friends and meet face to face, say hello to a stranger or neighbor. There are many opportunities to connect to people but most don’t see it, or have subconsciously decided to stop making the effort to meet people because they let the fear of rejection take over. People need to get out of their comfort zone of staying inside behind their computer and start living life again by going out and meeting people. Get involved in the community, or help build a community in one’s area.

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      dynamicdeux said,

      Fantasha I thank you for your response again…
      I think you are talking about self-determination, whereby we as free thinking human beings can make choices for ourselves regardless of the influences around us. I believe, however, that some education whether formal or informal is necessary for this…We can educate ourselves by observation and consciously reach out to others in hope. I wonder, though, if many people today have forgotten how to do this, as you said “subconsciously deciding to stop making the effort” due to “fear of rejection”. Many of us have experienced rejection so often that we shut down inside….a learned helplessness perhaps…and certainly it can be much easier to hide behind one’s computer screen. Your idea around getting involved in one’s community is great – I’d be interested in exploring with you ideas on how to do just that…I will post on this later…

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