Reconstructing the work week for women

In a perfect world, what would enhance the work day/week of the average woman?


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    beassertive said,

    My believe is that in order to enhance our work day / week we need to enhance ourselves and feel on top of our game. In order to do this we need to instill consistant self discipline in all areas of our lives.

    The aspects that I have found helpful are as follows:

    1. Early waking, taking time to journal, meditate, quieten the mind, recharge my “batteries” and be creative.

    2. Exercise at least 4 times a week and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

    3. Spend time with my husband and children

    4. Work at something you are passionate about

    5. Have fun, recreational time with friends and family.

    6. Less is more – less space, less things more life

    Creating the disciplines and the balance between them enhances me and in turn what I can give of myself through my work.

    The challenge is keeping this up on a consistant basis. I had lost touch with myself by not having these disciplines in place, and I am now reinstating them again in my life and it feels FANTASTIC!!

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